Reliable Auto Service in Washington, MO for Your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Vehicle

You can drive automobiles from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram hard. Drivers take many of the top models from these manufacturers off-road, tasked with the challenge of hauling heavy payloads or towing cumbersome recreational equipment. Washington, MO motorists use these vehicles for work and play. As such, properly maintaining your new vehicle remains essential. At Schicker Chrysler, our customers can always get reliable auto service for their cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs.

Routine Maintenance for Preserving Your Vehicle's Value and Performance

To keep your new or used vehicle working just like it did when you first brought it home, you should diligently adhere to the manufacturer's recommended service schedule. At Schicker Chrysler, we've got extensive experience working with all Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram models. We know what each vehicle needs according to its year of manufacture, how you drive, and the daily challenges that your vehicle faces in St. Louis, MO. We'll help you stay on top of battery inspections, oil changes, fluid top-offs, and other ongoing preventative services. With our help, you can avoid surprising developments that leave you stranded by catching and correcting minor problems early on.

You can also rely on our mechanics for all your tire replacement, tire maintenance, and suspension and alignment needs. Our service team will ensure that you always enjoy optimum handling and control and that you always get excellent fuel economy in Eureka, MO. From putting your winter tires on and taking them back off again to balancing and rotating your tires and keeping them properly pressurized, our mechanics have you covered. We can also inspect your brakes, replace your brake pads or brake shoes, and shave or replace your rotors as needed.

Detail Work for Superior Aesthetics

Sullivan, MO drivers who pride themselves on owning rough, rugged automobiles still want their vehicles to look great. Our team offers comprehensive car wash and detail services that will get your auto in prime condition from end to end. We can remove debris and de-icing agents from the exterior and underbody of your vehicle, apply hot wax, buff out minor scratches, and make sure that your rims gleam. At the interior of your auto, we'll thoroughly clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces, eliminate stains and odors from the upholstery and flooring, and leave your cabin looking and smelling brand new.

Get Reliable Repairs in Washington, MO

As your vehicle gets older, you can count on us to provide fast, reliable repairs that restore your auto to its former condition whenever problems arise. We use authentic OEM parts so that vehicles maintain their resale value, the same manner of functioning, and their overall appeal. We've got cutting-edge equipment, advanced diagnostics capabilities, and a seasoned team of highly qualified mechanics who seen and handled it all.

Shop Our Extensive Selection of Auto Accessories

We can also help you customize your ride to better suit your lifestyle. Whether you need a secure way to store your tools when going to work in St. Louis, a rack for your luggage or recreational equipment, or a sound system that will impress, see us to get the job done right. You can choose from an exciting array of heated wiper blades, all-weather floor mats, and other accessories for making your vehicle more responsive, more enjoyable, and more in line with your preferences and needs.

At Schicker Chrysler, we understand the value of consistent, high-quality auto care. We offer a dynamic range of automotive services year-round so that drivers can stay on top of manufacturer-recommended maintenance, address minor issues before they spiral out of control, and prime their autos for seasonal demands. Whether your vehicle needs repairs or a scheduled tune-up service, we can help. For fast and ultra-convenient service from mechanics who pride themselves in always offering superior workmanship, call or see us today.


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