The weather is heating up and it’s time to get back on the road for your spring and summer road trips. But is your vehicle as ready for your next adventure as you are? Ensure it is with a visit to Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where our in-house service department is here to get your car in top shape for the fun-filled months ahead.

Oil Change

Even if you don’t rack up the miles, it’s a good idea to change your oil at least every six months. That’s because even short trips will put a heat cycle on your engine oil, slowly breaking it down even if you aren’t driving for extended periods of time. When your oil breaks down, be it from oxidation or repeated heat cycles, it becomes less able to properly coat your engine components and can cause damage if left unchecked. Before you subject your vehicle to a long summer road trip, be sure the engine oil is fresh enough to handle the heat.

Air Filter Change

Months of wet weather and changing temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s air filter. This can cause poor performance and reduced fuel economy that are sure to put a damper on your summer adventures. Instead, let us change your air filter and help your car breathe again to restore peak performance.

Tires and Alignment

Ensure you have the right tires for the season by putting a set of summer tires on your vehicle, and have your suspension aligned to restore like-new handling and ride quality after a long winter of potholes and rutted roads. It’s a simple set of services that can improve your entire driving experience, and it’s well worth doing ahead of a big summer road trip.

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