Finding the perfect vehicle is not easy, especially when there are so many options at Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. One way to narrow down your choices, though, is to take your favorite new and used vehicles for a test drive. While on the test drive, you can get the real drivers experience and get to feel first hand how your potential next car drives.

Optimize your test drive with these five tips:

1. Get the Driver and Passenger Experience

It may sound silly, but getting both the driver and passenger experience gives you more insight. After you take the vehicle for a cruise, try sitting in the passenger seat. If you often have passengers, you especially want to get the full experience.

2. Drive the Vehicle As If You Already Own it

When you get inside the vehicle you want to test drive, adjust the seat, mirrors, and temperature to your liking. You want to test it out as if it's an ordinary day and you're running errands or going to work. Doing all this will show you what a daily drive will look and feel like in the car.

3. Give Your Opinion Weight

The experts at our dealership and online forums are here to help you make your decision easier. But, the only opinion that matters is yours. If one website says the vehicle is uncomfortable, but you thought otherwise, trust your opinion. Not everyone will agree with you, but they don't need to because it's you who will be bringing the car home.

4. Distinguish Fact From Opinion

Factors such as comfort levels are personal opinions. But, factors such as performance and technology are fact. If you want a high-performing car, listening to what the experts have to say can't hurt. A vehicle may feel fast to you, but it could, in actuality, have a weaker engine than another model.

5. Come Prepared

The day of the test drive is both exciting and stressful. Make sure to show up with a list of questions ready to go. That way, you can get all the information you need.

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