One part of keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is ensuring it's clean. Maintenance does not stop at the traditional service center services, especially if you want your car to last you for the long term. Here at Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our service can do much more than change your oil, rotate your tires, and maintain the brakes. Our technicians can also detail your vehicle for you.

1. Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

You might know the service center as the place that helps you when you have car troubles and the people that keep your vehicle running smoothly. However, our service center at Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can also detail your vehicle for you. With our team already knowing your vehicle's ins and outs, there's no better place than here to get it nice and clean. We do everything from buffing out minor scratches to removing debris and everything in between.

2. A Local Gas Station

It may not be as deep of a clean as the dealership, but if you want something quick, it never hurts to hit a gas station car wash. Many drivers will go through these car washes before their appointment at the dealership. It can help hold the vehicle over for a few days and clean up some of the exterior debris.

3. A Local Car Wash

If you cannot get to the dealership right away but have sand, dirt, or other debris in the interior and on the exterior of the vehicle, a local car wash can help. Again, this option can hold you over while you wait for your Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram appointment. Many of these businesses will also handle the inside of the car and do a light clean.

Come By Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to Get Your Vehicle Detailed!

Next time you need to drop by Schicker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for standard car maintenance, keep in mind that part of that should include a deep-cleaning car wash. While you're dropping the vehicle off, let our technicians know if you want to have your vehicle detailed. That way, you can get the works done all at once and drive away with a freshly cleaned car.

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